Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cross Dressers and Mark Philippoussis

OK interpret this dream:

Last night I had a dream my husband took me to a coffee type shop but it was gambling house (too much CSI) and said to me:

There is nothing wrong with gambling establishments, not if you are in control

I turned around, checked out the cashier, looked back at him and he had turned into a cross dresser. Full kit. Only thing that gave him away was small whiskers below his nostrils.

I asked him what the fuck was going on and then looked to the other tall bar benches and they were all men dressed as women. 1950 esk women. Handbag, floral dresses, hats and court shoes.

He then proceeded to tell me that he doesn’t understand why I have an issue with this as he only does it once a month tops and it makes him happy. K

I then said I needed time to think and walked to the Sunshine Coast (I live on the Gold Coast). I nearly reached the Sunshine Coast and Mark Philippoussis was there to tell me he loved me and had always loved me.

I couldn’t make this shit up. Interpretation if you will


Al said...

you are noticing that your husband is getting grumpy once a month and your subconcious is concerned that he has grown ovaries and is getting PMS every month like a woman.

Mark... umm... you want to reignite your childhood love of tennis because you love it and have always loved it.

So Now What? said...

God spot on with first bit. Nope hated tennis, forced to watch my brother play every weekend. Perhaps I want to be a cougar a la his tv show. Hhaha

Al said...

Bahaha yes, you want to be a cougar...

KerriSackville said...

Okay, you are feeling a bit out of control; something about your husband's behaviour is different or bothering you but you can't make him change it or care.
You think if he really loved you he would stop doing it and make you feel loved and safe like Mark P.

KerriSackville said...

p.s. keep trying to follow your blog but can't find where to follow it - nothing appearing under 'followers' - if you sort it out can you tweet me to let me know????? K xx

So Now What? said...

Geez Kerri now I have to start thinking. He buggers off and plays cricket for a full day every 2nd Sunday but I actually quite enjoy those days. Will have a think. Plus work out this follower thing ;)

Blomsters said...

I have to most bizarre dreams at times but don't bother interpreting them as they are just too bizarre.. maybe this falls into that category - and i am shite at it anyway

Sharpest Pencil said...

I am usually so good at dream interpretation but I am floored! I would however love you to pass on my regards to Mark P.

So Now What? said...

Blomsters I think the more bizarro the better. Let us have em.

Sharpest, It floored me too, literally (tmi) as I have no, I repeat NO interest in the Scud.

The mind is a funny thing

Xanderley said...

Have you been reading KerriSackville's blog??? Is this how you think your husband would look as a gay-staight man???

stinginthetail said...

wow - at first i thought no way could i come up with anything, (especially if Kerri Sackville's idea didn't fit) but some things occur to me...

in dreams, other people are often aspects of self - how does "they're all you" sound?

Your husband is you - saying "i am safe, adult, i know what i'm doing" over some project. You're telling yourself this, remember. (Maybe he's just symbolising what you see in him, but that these traits are in you - safe pair of hands, sensible person? Or the opposite?)

But how can he be safe? He's wearing a dress! (More on this below)

A cafe that's a gambling house is interesting - what are you about to take a gamble on, or want to? Something social?

The other people are all acting like men, but want to be women... are they you too?

I'm thinking they might actually be 'other people' in a broad sense. The men wishing they can be women is only skin deep and very part time - they're also being 50's women - so we have repression happening. (I happened to see that post about the 80's - are they your mother's words demarcating what kind of woman you can be?)

Maybe (huge maybe) they are you - maybe you're currently repressing the beautiful feminine? The sensual intuitive part?

You only do it once a month, let your inner woman out of her bag... I have to guess there's something you don't like about being either female, or female and assertive. (Sorry, this is a bit personal.)

The next bit (were you eating cheese before bed, woman?) gawd - ok, so you're walking and thinking - to the sunshine (coast) which seems straightforward - towards the sun, love, happiness - all the things sunshine connotes (dreams can be literally metaphoric), right after your assertion of sensibility. And you're walking away from the fake females (and possibly the gamble?)

Then we have the Scud - a Bad Boy who's committing to you alone. WTG. He's also good looking and successful (haven't seen him lately, but he was once) - maybe he's you too? "He"'s always loved you - that sounds right. Your self is there for you - your higher self - it has always been, and always will.

ok, that's my take on it - now, i don't know you, so may be totally wrong - but maybe you can take my ideas, and figure out an interpretation that does make sense to you.

Would add, i barely know you (and only in an online sense), but you seem completely at home in your femaleness online - this is just working from the dream, and on the basis that - if your husband isn't doing something that's freaking you out - maybe this is an interpretation.

If this is too confusing, ask, i will do my best to explain :)