Friday, October 30, 2009


Sitting down in the movie theatre to witness this 2 week only event, I heard two middle aged men, accompanying their wives, make an inappropriate Michael Jackson joke. Inappropriate because directly in front of him was my 10 year old daughter and her friend. All I thought to myself was “oh here we go”.

But I heard not one more word, because once this doco/movie started, the whole cinema, the trouble making emos, 3 rows in front included, were mesmerised.

The biggest tragedy? The fact that this concert was never seen by a real audience and appreciated for the event that it would have been. Because it would have been freaking amazing.

I am by no means a massive Michael Jackson fan. I, like most people, have liked his music at particular times in my life. The black and white phase was my time to find and identify with him, not so much the 'Bad' era. Yet, I, like most people, jumped on the MJ bandwagon when he died. I started listening to his songs again and heard the genius. My daughter also jumped on board. Unfortunately, through his death, a new generation of fans has been born.

This movie is a rare glimpse behind the scenes of his rehearsals for his concert that was meant to be titled “This is It” which turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. As most, if not all people know by now, Michael Jackson died – some say murdered – on the 26th of June, 2009 aged 50.

Not once is his death touched upon in the movie nor is this a story about Michael's supposed drug addictions.

And honestly, if Michael Jackson was in anyway medicated during those rehearsals or in any way compromised, he should be nominated for a posthumous Oscar for best actor. I am a cynic by my very nature, but believe, after watching this; he was well prepared to perform those 50 concerts. I mean, I spin in a circle and get dizzy. He runs, dances, spins, flips and sings and barely breaks a sweat. He kept up with the incredibly young, fit and toned back-up dancers on every move. Every one.

Comments have been made that his voice is weak during the movie. Except for one of two songs
where he admits he is preserving his voice, he sings fantastic.

Also amazing are the special effects that were created for most of the songs. Makes Harry Potter look like dribble. From recreating old movies which he stars in, to showing the devastation our rainforest's face, just to mention a few, it will blow you away.

I do admit I spent a lot of time fascinated by his face. I’m sure most people were. He often wore sunglasses and different hair (wigs) and some might even suggest his nose looked ski-slopeish in some shots and elf-like in others, but no one has ever denied that the guy had some major body and self-image issues.

And sure, he was partial to a be-dazzler but he, and probably only he, could get away with wearing a Sargent peppers jacket with Swarovski crystals and Ed Hardy MC hammer pants on a daily basis.

Strip all that away though, and you see how this guy interacts with his dancers, his band, his back up singers and production crew. He can only be described as professional and honestly, just incredibly kind. It made me grieve for a man I do not know, because I genuinely think, he just wanted to entertain and be loved.


Belle said...

This has to be the best blog I have had the honour of reading of yours Berna!!! I could not have put it any better myself even if I had the talent that you have. I am so glad to have you in my life.

I have always been a massive MJ fan as you now know and I am so happy that you saw the MJ that I have been in love with since my teens.

I fell in love with my first husband when he asked me to dance in a club at the ripe old age of 17 to 'Don't stop till you get enough'. I immediately thought to myself, here we go, some deadbeat going to make a dick of himself on the dance floor! But no, he emultaed MJ perfectly. From that moment on I was in lurve!! He and I won many many dance competitions over the years in various clubs with no professional training just self taught by watching MJ's moves.

One day I might treat you to my version of 'Ben' sung completely out of tune but with all my heart and soul.

Without dance & MJ in my life who knows what would have become of me.

Moko said...

Good read. I'll look out for it if it becomes available on DVD.

It ain't so (most of the time) said...

I don't listen to music - no music - but the bits that I did of Michael Jackson seemed alright - I did/do enjoy the film clips (no sounds tracks) don't ask!

I heard somee the other day make a comparision to the 'King of Rock' and te King of Pop' are either Kings?

They both died lonely deaths, is this what we want of our children?

Sonia said...

I agree, So Now What. I took my 11 year old son to This Is It last night. When I was 11 I had posters of MJ on my wall and would record songs off the Top 40 and pause and rewind my tape player so I could write the words down! This concert would have been INCREDIBLE. I didn't follow MJ much after Thriller, but what a talent, and an amazing performer, as shown in the movie. I loved watching the dancer's faces when they were watching MJ, they still really couldn;t believe they were there with him! He certainly did not look like a man days away from death. It was the first time I have been in a movie and the audience has clapped at the end. i thought the whole thing was very moving.

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