Friday, December 18, 2009


So today I've been awarded this blogging kudos from my favourite blogger Rick at I wonder if he knows how much this means to me? A year ago to be honest, I'd never heard of blogs or twitter or technology (kidding about the last one) but what a wonderful world it is. And to be chosen out of all the wonderful bloggers that Rick knows and reads, I cannot stress enough that it means a whole hell of a lot. Please take the time to read Rick's blog. He's a very smart and funny man who articulates in a way I could only dream of.

So now, I must do my duties of continuing on this lovely little award and I do so quite easily. This is the one blog I read three times a week. This woman should have a column and at the very least, a self help book for all new mothers, mothers who are seasoned and those who, like most of us, are just muddling our way through this motherhood pa lava.

So The NDM, (Not Drowning Mothering) you are my pick.


Clare said...

Bern, I crossed over from reading your posts on MM and I just have to say you seem like the most awesomely ace chick ever. So whatever kudos you receive, I totes endorse ;)

Clare said...

Oh, and I just realised that you are Goldy and I am Brisvegas, so one of these days we should totally hang out x

TheNDM said...

I prepared a speech in case anyone ever gave me an award (for anything) but then cried on it and made the ink run when I read this post.

So all I can say is "Thank you". And yes, I've passed the award on ( so don't go slaying any puppies on my part.