Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So this isn't original.  In fact I swiped it off Jodie at Mummy-Mayhem who I think may have in turn, borrowed it from another great blogger.  It's an interview with my children.  Maddie 10, Sam 8 and Jack 3.

Can I urge you to do the same.  Even if you don't write or blog.  Ask the questions, write them down and update them when you remember. Then give them to your children when they grow up.

I wish I had an insight into my own ten year old mind.  Although it probably would have been all about my anguish over my shameful decision to cut my hair like a boy and desperate desire to read Dolly magazine. 

1. What do you want to do when you grow up?

  • 10yo: A teacher.  (Good choice, heaps of holidays and job security)
  • 8yo:  A Train Driver.  (Nice, just be weary of that bastard fat controller)
  • 3yo: A grownup.  (Probably the longest shot of all. Who want's to be a grownup when you actually have to be?)
2. How old are you?

  • 10yo: Ten turning eleven (most important to clarify at this age)
  • 8yo: 8
  • 3yo: 3

3. How old am I? 

  • 10yo: 35 (Correct)
  • 8yo: 10 (Sucking up. I like it)
  • 3yo:  4 (Going too far, I can spot a teachers pet a mile away)

4. How old is Dad?

  • 10yo: 38 (Also true.)
  • 8yo: 81 (Bwahahhaha)
  • 3yo: 4 (At least he's not my sugar daddy)

5. What do you like most about school/daycare?

  • 10yo: English (Good girl.  Now just write another Twilight saga and we can retire on the beach)
  • 8yo: Integrated Studies (This could be a made up subject)
  • 3yo: Chocolate.  (Hmmm, that's the reason he's off tap when I pick him up)

6. What do you like to do outside?

  • 10yo: Talk to friends (And recreate Bold & the Beautiful Style dramas I believe)
  • 8yo: Play on the playground (I'm guessing this doesn't include the the time he broke his arm into two separate pieces)
  • 3yo: Playing Tennis/Raking Dirt (I can see why these two would be a close call)

7. What do you like to do inside? 

  • 10yo: Watch TV (True Dat)
  • 8yo: Work (The Nike Sweatshop has nothing on us apparently)
  • 3yo: Hanging out in my room (Stockholm syndrome, he's often relegated there for being a turd)

8. What is your favourite toy? 

  • 10yo: My DS.
  • 8yo: My Lego
  • 3yo: Batman

9. What is your favourite game?

  • 10yo: Monopoly (Until she starts to lose that is, then it sucks the big one)
  • 8yo: Lego
  • 3yo: Batman

10. Do you have a favourite TV show? 

  • 10yo: Modern Family (Mine too)
  • 8yo: Tom & Jerry (Sam is a T & J freak)
  • 3yo: Batman (Hmm, recurring theme?)

11. Do you have a favourite movie?

  • 10yo: Eclipse (Twilight) 
  • 8yo: Transformers (Because ultimately, Sam Morley would like to be Sam Witwicky)
  • 3yo: Batman (I think he thinks he's Robin)

12. Do you have a favourite book?

  • 10yo: Eclipse (Pasty vampires & love triangles, perhaps I should start censoring)
  • 8yo: Tornadoes (Infatuated with natural disasters)
  • 3yo: Batman  (Enough with the batman)

13. What's your favourite colour?

  • 10yo: Purple
  • 8yo: Red
  • 3yo: Green, Black and White (Why not?)

14. What's your favourite number?

  • 10yo: 100
  • 8yo: 1
  • 3yo: 3 - that's my birfday Mum. 

15. What's your favourite food?

  • 10yo: Pasta Bake (Which we NEVER have)
  • 8yo: Apples
  • 3yo: Batman Food

16. What is something that is really good for you?

  • 10yo: Bananas
  • 8yo: A haircut. (Let's face it, a bloody good one can lift your spirits)
  • 3yo: Not hitting (Yes son, good because you spend less time incarcerated in your room)

17. Do you have a favourite friend?

  • 10yo: Alissa
  • 8yo: Zack
  • 3yo: Georgia (Also can be classified as his girlfriend)

18. What time do you usually go to bed? 

  • 10yo: 9pm (On a slack night, true)
  • 8yo: 9:30pm (Um, maybe in fantasy land)
  • 3yo: 54 (Still working on the whole time concept)

19. What time do you wake up? 

  • 10yo: 7am (Unless of course no one wrestles her out of bed, then anywhere up until midday)
  • 8yo: When Jack wakes me up (Correctamundo.  Ditto for the rest of the family)
  • 3yo: When Mum & Dad wake up (deluded)

20. Anything else you’d like to add?

  • 10yo: No
  • 8yo: My favourite science is Hurricane  (Well hop to it and learn to read Storm Chaser)
  • 3yo: I like playing in the playground. (I wonder why he forgot to mention how much he loves to block the toilet with unidentified objects?)

Thanks for reading, direct me to yours if you do something similar :)


Sarah (Maya_Abeille) said...

Oh I love this!!! Hilarious, entertaining and like a mini time capsule. I'm going to do it. Not sure whether I'll get much out of the 2 year old but the 4 year old's answers will be precious.

Alison said...

Oh you are too funny!! Thanks for the laugh! Will interview my 4YO soon & see what gems he comes out with..

Lucy said...

Oh how I love these. Your three sound UTTERLY ENCHANTING. I reckon Jack and Lexie would give each other a run for their money.....

I did an interview with a five year old yesterday - so much fun.

Diminishing Lucy: Interview with a FIVE year old!

Mrs Woog said...

Not hitting is something the Wooglettes are yet to master. Super Cute Post.

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Bern - I had such a good laugh. Both our 3yo's think we are 4yrs old! I guess the 3yo could use the tennis racquet to rake the dirt with. ;)

Oh, and I'm not sure I quite got it...does the 3yo like Batman, or what?

Thea said...

Too funny!
Too cute!
I love reading these. :)

life in a pink fibro said...

This is so cute. I'm definitely going to run these questions past my boys. Will decide later whether to post the answers.

Kylie L said...

Great stuff! Every year I write a birthday letter to my kids recording all the things they've said, done, enjoyed etc. in the past year... but I've never thought of interviewing them. Well keep thsi to do so next year!

Sarah (Maya_Abeille) said...

OK Mine's up! http://alextheseal.blogspot.com/2010/07/interview-that-made-me-come-out-of.html

Sarah (Maya_Abeille) said...

OOps should have done it this way...?

livinglifeasme said...

Love it. Wish I had of done these things when my boys were little. Thought I still might interview the teenagers ... just for fun!

Smudgeblurr said...

Hey Bern,
So glad you did this - was eagerly awaiting the results! Love the batman theme - pretty funny!

I might have to interview my class as a mini project - they are all 8-9 yrs old so would be interesting to see how old they think myself and my teaching partner are - or maybe not....

Once again a cracking blog - loved it!

Vicki said...

This is great. What school do I have to go to to study chocolate and raking dirt?

Wanderlust said...

Oh I love this, especially your hilarious commentary. I am going to have to do this. Hmmm... maybe I should throw in an interview with my soon to be ex, too, just to spice things up.

Not Drowning Mother said...

Oh Bern, you (and your kids) make me laugh!

I started the questions with my own three year old. He answered the first one (about what he wants to be when he grows up) in the following eloquent fashion:

“I want to be seven tall with another bee.”

Uh, okay.

He then refused to answer the other questions, claiming he needed to go to the toilet instead.

I think he will be a politician when he grows up.

Nomie said...

Love it. Especially the commentary... oh and what is batman food? Think I better do this one too.

Mummy's Little Monkey said...

Hello from London! Just found you through Flog Your Blog Friday.

Can't wait to do this with my little one when she's old enough. At the moment her answers would all be: Woof Woof, Uh-Oh, and Eh-Eh.