Thursday, March 31, 2011


Because I have no shame, I will now tell you, really quickly, about a Blogging Competition I have been nominated for:

It's this:

Aussie Mummy Bloggers with the X-Factor Awards.  


It's being run by Home Loan Finder and, get this, should I win, I'll take home an iPad 2.  Oh Yeah baby.  

Above is a caricature they have designed for me and  whoever the artist is, I want to thank them.  I will be eternally grateful for them leaving out the forehead lines.

Considering the sum of my Apple Products is an iPod shuffle, that my 8yo pilfered,  I think I'm pretty ready for the real deal.  Sam begs me to get babysat so he can use the babysitters iPhones to play the "paper toss" game.  Me, I just want to see what all the fuss about these angry birds is all about.

But seriously, there are only 23 of us so if you can find the time and you're on Facebook, could you like me?  You can do it by going HERE 


Also, because I was en-route to Sydney the day this went up on Mamamia, I didn't really get a chance to shamelessly plug it here, on my own blog.  

Along with my lovely friend,  Kate Hunter, we shared our Work/Life Balance tips, in our own special way.  To be asked to contribute to Mamamia was absolutely massive to me, so if you feel like it, check it out HERE

OK, I think I've whored myself around for one night. Thanks for reading.  x


Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

Awesome whoring there, I'm impressed. Yours and Vegge Mama's caricatures are my favourites :)

Annieb25 said...

You are such a "Klarsy Whore" ... it's why I love you so much. :) xx

Madmother said...

Wow, wow wow! Great piccy too.