Friday, April 27, 2012


I dream most nights but generally struggle to remember exactly what the dream was about the next day. I mean, there are *some* that dominate but rarely any that I can remember in their entirety. They are either of a common theme or they are very random, like say when a chicken is chasing me as I rush towards the train station after an explosion of holy water while simultaneously trying to fight off some kind of *thing* that looks like a cross between a rabbit and a cat. Oh, and there was that *one* inappropriate dream about Craig McLaughlin I can’t seem to quite forget, try as I might.

Having said that, there are two dreams in particular that I do have.

The first one involves some variation of me being late or a no show for my shift at McDonalds, which is curious, because I haven’t worked at McDonalds since I was 17, almost *cough* 20 years ago. So why, when I am one of the most hideously on-time, never miss a day of work kind of people, do I continue to have this dream? Well, according to my very industrious research on the interwebs, (which by the way brought up "Dreams of Killing my Boss, Turning up to work naked and doing an impromptu presentation") I have found that the reason I continually dream this way is (and let's just automatically assume the guy that said “This question makes no sence,. go suck a dick” isn't a viable source) is because I have anxiety about reaching goals, pleasing superiors and performing well. And it also suggests a chronic concern about being late. 

This is all  remarkably true. I hate being late. I like to be liked. And I want to perform well in my job. DREAM BUSTED!

The other dream, which is EXTREMELY common is about losing my teeth. Particularly one of my front ones. So apparently this means one of two things: I’m scared of getting old, ugly and sexually impotent OR I’m scared of making an idiot of myself in public. I’m going with the latter. Because I often do EXACTLY that!

The most common dreams are:

  • Being Naked
  • Being Chased
  • About your Teeth
  • About flying (and crashing) 
  • About falling
  • Being tested (and failing)

So what about you? Is there a particular dream you continue to have? Do you dream at all? Like me, do you have unfortunate dreams about plane crashes the day before someone very dear to you is about to fly out.  Most importantly, are you, like me, having peculiar dreams about 1980s Soap/pop stars that you can never admitted to in public? Spill. Better still, I'll do my best to interpret your dream and NOT tell you to suck a dick.


Wanderlust said...

Fellow naked presenter, here *raises hand*. I can't count the number of time I've left the house and only THEN remembered I was still in my underwear.

Sobriquet said...

I erotic dream... a lot. People I know, people I don't, famous people, sometimes even my husband!

Aside from that I have the occasional tooth-loss or dirty public toilet nightmare. I think that may be caused by my OCD.

When I am pregnant though, I frequently dream that I give birth and my babies are mice, or kittens or twins.

Interpret away!

Benison said...

I'm always having the dream about being late/unprepared for something, like exams, packing to go travelling, hosting a party where the food is never ready etc. Before my wedding I dreamt I lost my dress, and the cake never arrived and we had to substitute a Sarah Lee cheesecake instead! Despite all the dreams I have about being late for flights I still am always late for flights, so go figure...

Craig McL, eh, Bern! Did he sing 'Mona' to you in the dream?

I recently had a dream about a night of passion with Tom Cruise! *shudder*

Julie Hutchinson said...

I have dreams sometimes about teeth.
I heard it was to do with indecision but I get the unattractive bit.
I wonder what a dream about sucking a dick/teeth falling out means? Not that I have had such a dream...

Anonymous said...

I recently had an erotic dream about Harry Potter (the older one of course ewwww), there's gotta be some kind of psychology in that one lol (embarrassed beyond all measure)......

Lou Lou said...

I'm a toothless wonder too!

browneyedmystic said...

Can I just tell you I dream about failing a test over and over? I always saw an examination hall with me sitting in there, clueless, trying to cheat even! In one of my dreams, I showed up studying Math when it was an English exam(!)

I did a bit of research myself and was told I am afraid I will lose my purpose. The awesome thing about the whole situation? I've stopped dreaming those dreams and that should mean I'm on the right track ;)

Thanks for the share!


Anonymous said...

Ooh I get the dirty public toilet one all the time!

Ang said...

Haha I am with you on the teeth falling out one. I used to dream a lot and remember them most of the time. These days I don't seem to dream as often or maybe I just don't remember them. I think this could be because I am just to flat out tired to dream, or because I get woken up so often that I cant get in to a dream rhythm. I blame my 15 month old twins for my lack of weird dreams of late.

Diminishing Lucy said...

I dream frequently about having huge violent rows with my mother. Enough said.

I also dream about flying, a lot. I love love love my flying dreams with a passion. I never crash.


Vacation rental said...

Sometimes I dream about having a new horse. It is really strange for me, because I have never had a horse before, and have never ridden one.
I also dream about flying. And I really enjoy my flying dreams as well.

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

Yup - toothless it is for me and flying when I am lucky. I also dream about accidently leaving my kids behind and then strugglng to find them again... I know there must be a message in there somewhere.
So glad I just stumble across your blog :) xx

Bali deals said...

Dream is just like thinking in a awake condition.. could we seen color ? could we dream something that we never know?

Evangeline said...

Gosh, I've been having so many times dreams about loosing my teeth too! And have waken up so many terrified that I will be looking so bad without it, almost in tears few times, because these dreams are always so vivid ones, but know you really busted that for me!I really did not know that relates to fear of becoming a fool in makes some sense. But what about if I have often dreams for having romantically encounters with other men, who I am not neither sexually attracted or nothing,but not with my boyfriend?!

Dean Kerrick said...

It is strange that you dream one and the same dream, invloving events from your past, which are not traumatic or something. If this bothers you I suggest you to visit a psychologist and share him the way you feel.