Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I just read an article about Kyle Sandilands. This was on the Nine MSN website. Nine MSN of course being a part of Channel 9, the latest station to reward Kyle Sandliands for being a jerk with not only more exposure, but also, more money.

And I get it – the shock factor attracts viewers and in turn, attracts ratings. To earn advertising dollars, networks need ratings, big ratings, which means big dollars and there you will find, that the circle is complete. This is seemingly at any cost. This is nothing new, it’s kind of disheartening, sure, but it’s nothing new.

What is disheartening is that he doesn't seem to think he is doing anything wrong and I guess, why would he? Imagine if you kept consistently screwing up at work, doing the worst kind of things but instead of getting a warning or fired, you were promoted, given more money and told to keep up the “good work”.  Would you stop screwing up? Why would you?

Today there was uproar on Twitter and the media generally over our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, hosting Kyle Sandilands at Kirribilli House for an Easter Egg hunt for a charity event. This was for a great cause – there is absolutely no denying that. But why Julia, why him?

Let me just remind you why Kyle Sandilands needs to be shone a bright light upon. This is the guy that:

Strapped a 14 year old to a lie detector and quizzed her about her previous sexual and drug experiences.

Declared that smoking isn’t as harmful as made out by the authorities and that the “statistics presented by these institutions are falsified”. Quit being one of  the institutions.

Called a contestant a “mong”

Said:  “Some fat slag on the Telegraph website, sorry, news.com.au, has already branded it (his short-lived TV show) a disaster. You can tell by reading the article she just hates us. What a fat bitter thing you are. You’ve got a nothing job anyway. You’re a piece of shit” Only to go on to say “Yeah, and your blouse. You haven’t got that much titty to be wearing that low cut a blouse. Watch your mouth, girl, or I will hunt you down”.

Publicly once said “I can be really rough and really gentle at the same time. Like, I can push you over and then help you back up

Discussing Magda Szubanski and her being the new ambassador for Jenny Craig “You put her in a concentration camp and you watch the weight fall off … like she could be skinny"

So yeah. This is the guy that Channel 9 has given a job to. The guy they have rewarded for basically being a bully. An insensitive and violent bully. Nice job.

Kyle needs to be told loud and clear that it’s NOT okay to do what he has been doing. I've had a hard life growing up too Kyle, that’ doesn't mean I have Carte blanche to go around vilifying others for kicks. Somewhere along the way  I've learned to THINK before I SPEAK. To care for others. And quite simply, identify RIGHT from WRONG.

The scary thing is that radio ratings would support that a great deal of young Australians are listening to Kyle and ADMIRE him.  THIS is the guy that is filling the young and impressionable minds right now. Even if you and I think we can turn him off, the future generation seemingly aren't.  Here we are trying to drill into our children that bullying is NEVER okay yet right now mainstream media, by employing Kyle, are giving the very distinct impression that it’s not only okay, it’s also the only way to succeed and gain traction in the spotlight.

If we as a society continue to allow the Kyle Sandilands of the world to get away with this kind of behaviour, we are allowing a world where it is okay to perpetuate this behaviour. And I can’t abide. It’s just not okay. 


Diminishing Lucy said...

He is a sociopath, pure and simple. His grandiose sense of self combined with utter and relentless callousness & lack of empathy is revolting. He disgusts me.

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle said...

Every year I return to Australia, and every year he's still on the radio, and every year I just don't get it. Why?

wsb said...

Fantastic post Bern and I totally agree - I don't listen to any network he is on but obviously others do - it saddens me that he is rewarded and can only hope that his next tv venture is as disastrous and short lived as his last....

Maria Tedeschi said...

The last couple of days I've been watching a lot of American gossip shows (ie ET) and even documentaries and even though I'm not surprised I really am appalled at how bad behaviour is 'rewarded' with fame. Or infamy. It's just bad form all round.

Love & stuff
Mrs M

That Brunette One said...

I love this post. So passionate and true. I am not a fan of kyle and really get irration as you said he contiues to stuff up and instead of being penalised he is given glory.

Benison said...

I really don't know what the PM was thinking. Who is her new public relations guy - Kevin Rudd?

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Littlemissairgap said...

Perhaps I'd better not mention I was a mate of his once ..forgive me ;-) http://littlemissairgap.blogspot.com.au/2011/03/makeover.html